With over 25 years of hands on experience Sarah is not only a genuine medium she also "lives" her spiritual life. Being an experienced medium, Sarah connects to the spirit world easily. You will not be disappointed with her clarity, information and enlightenment.

Psychometry - Sarah has an uncanny ability to tune into personal items such as jewellery,keys or other items. Come and enjoy a personal reading of your day to day matters, Sarah combines this method with a Tarot reading to give full indepth information to help you in your life.

Past Life Recall - Sarah tunes in to the Spirit world to bring you information on one of Your Past lives, Or alternatively you can book in for a Past Life Regression where Sarah can help guide you through a previous life experience

Palmistry - Sarah also performs palmistry which reads the lines on your palm and gives you intuitive, constructive advice to get the best out of life.