With over 35 years  experience as a spiritual teacher Sarah can give you interesting and enlightening lessons in spiritual development. Learn to meditate, tune into your own intuition, psychic abilities, chakras, auras, colour. .Also Kabbalah Ancient Jewish Mysticism. 

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Private Tuition

Sarah has her own unique intuitive abilities and reads the Tarot like no other. Come and be amazed at her accuracy and information.


Tarot   $70

Sarah has an uncanny ability to tune into your vibrations by reading your personal items. i.e Watch, Ring, Necklace etc. Then she completes the reading by performing a tarot reading, in her unique way.

Clairvoyance & Tarot   $85

Allow Sarah to inform you and guide you with her abilities to read the lines on your palms.


Palmistry   $70

Sarah has an exceptional ability to be able to access information from "One" of your past lives.


Past Life Recall   $70

See your personal guides come to life. Sarah is guided by "Spirit" to channel visionary art.


Psychic Art   $85

Note: Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice