Allow at least 2 hours for this therapy. Sarah uses her exceptional skills to help you to access your past life experiences.


Past Life Regression   $90

Allow Sarah to open your chakra channels to heal, balance and restore harmony.


Chakra Balancing   $90

Sarah uses your birth date and full name to deliver an interesting insight into your numerological chart.


Numerology Chart   $70

Sarah uses her unique mediumistic abilities to remove unwanted spirits and negative energy.


House Clearings....Price On Application

Heal the "Wounded Child Within". Sarah can help to open your mind and heart to dealing with events in the past.

Inner Child   $90

Are you troubled when finding answers to present day conditions?  Sarah can help you to access your own abilities to help you see your way through and heal your life.

Psychic Counselling   $90/hr

Note: Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice